What is West Coast Men’s Health doing to keep your patients safe during the COVID pandemic?

West Coast Men’s Health is 100% PPE Compliant and taking all necessary precautions to keep our patients out of harms way. These precautions include that personnel wear masks and gloves, all equipment is cleaned and sanitized before and after every use, appointments are spread out so that there is never more than one person waiting in the lobby and if you prefer, you can also wait in your car and we will call you when it’s your turn.

Is treatment only available for men with Erectile Dysfunction or Peyronies Disease?

No! The doctors at West Coast Men’s Health provide treatment for any man looking to enhance sexual health and performance – no matter their age or medical condition. Many healthy men who have no signs of ED, opt for treatment to optimize their performance.

How does Acoustic Wave Therapy work?

The majority of Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease issues are caused by poor blood flow. Acoustic Wave Therapy is high frequency, low intensity acoustical sound waves that remove decades of micro-plaque. By breaking down the plaque, aged blood vessels are repaired, and new vessels and erectile tissue grow. The result of restored blood flow is fuller and spontaneous erections, greater sensitivity, and enhanced orgasms.

How many treatments are required?

The Number of Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronies can range from 18-32 sessions. Many men continue with maintenance sessions after treatment.

Number of Treatments for Chronic Pain can range between 10 and 18 depending on the severity of the pain.

How long is each session?

The sessions are no longer than 20 minutes each.

After treatment, how long do the effects typically last?

Acoustic Wave Treatment has been proven to last for 2-3 years.

What are the side effects? Am I a candidate if I have other health conditions?

There are little to no known side effects. As a result, those with pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease are safe to opt for treatment.

What Are the Advantages of Acoustic Wave Therapy treatments over other ED treatments?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a non-invasive, drug, shot and surgery free treatment for ED. The improvement in overall sexual performance and erectile function after treatment benefits men in many ways, including:

  • Enhanced Erections
  • More Spontaneous Intimacy
  • Increased Sensation
  • Long-lasting Results
  • Better Orgasms

Overall Improved Sexual Performance